Co-schooling For Learning Beyond Academics – Life Skill & Value Based Education

Every parent at some point in time experienced co-schooling during pandemic. Be it attending online schools with your child and even getting involved in after school studies/activities. While it was difficult at first, we soon embraced the change. Globally there was also a sharp rise in home schooling as many parents witnessed quality & learning outcome gaps. They also realised the importance of life skill education and holistic development as kids struggled during lock down. Now that the schools have opened, we see many parents in a serious dilemma to chose what’s best for their child.

While home schooling may not be an option for all, we highly recommend co-schooling. Here while you send your child to the school, you also create a healthy learning environment at home with enrich activities, field trips, vocational & value education that compliments the learning at school. It also gives you opportunity to customise learning as per your child’s need, speed and interest which is not possible in schools with large no. of kids.

Did you know?

75% of life lessons are most commonly taught by parents. A survey by the YMCA and OnePoll

How can I co-school?

  1. Get to know what your child is learning at school currently. Is she learning about fractions? A math concept can be learned in different ways like visually, making a game out of it, baking, compose a song with steps etc. This makes learning fun. Customise it as per how your child learns best.
  2. Is your child learning about Egyptian civilization? Ask your child make a creative story board or invite her friends for a short role play.
  3. While schools fucuses on academic excellence, it leaves them little to no room for critical life skills development like problem solving, critical thinking, resilience, effective communication, socio-emotional skill, values etc. Parents are the biggest stakeholder and influencer in a child’s life and can greatly shape and build character & skills.
  4. Life skills are built through practical learning and experiences which you as a parent can easily impart by setting aside 15 mins of dedicated time daily and engaging with your child in fun activities and games. Subscribe to Jyppzer Kids’ annual plan & get access to 500+ DIY activities and games that you can do with your child at home using simple household materials.

Did you know?

The best gift a parent can give to their children is just a few mins of their time daily. You will be surprised how simple life experiences like inviting your child to plan monthly expenses can impart financial literacy while they also do problem solving, critical & creative thinking to achieve a set budget.

Hemali Turakhia
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